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BioNavigator is a web-based system for the analysis of nucleotide, protein and other biological data. It brings together a large number of databases and programs from different sources and integrates them under a common graphical user interface.

The BioNavigator tutorials are a series of workbooks in downloadable PDF format which provide a detailed introduction to BioNavigator’s user-friendly and accessible interface, using step-by-step instructions that take you through worked examples.
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BioNavigator tutorial
Quick tour
Introduce yourself to the intuitive interface of BioNavigator. Take the online 3-step quick tour. Click for more.

For a more complete demonstration of the functionality of BioNavigator we suggest you follow the "How-to-use BioNavigator Protocol". Log in to BioNavigator and click on the Protocols button on the left side of BioNavigator. The first item on the next screen is the "How-to-use BioNavigator Protocol". Click on the SELECT button and follow the steps.

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