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New and expanded Protocols and Macros
Use Protocols to learn how to perform complex multi-step bioinformatics analyses to answer 'high level' biological questions or perform routine analyses. Perform all the protocols steps in one window and click on a dynamically generated protocol map anytime to see how far you've progressed.
Using Protocols in BioNavigator

History View and Macros

Track all the steps of your bioinformatics experiment for record keeping, or save the series of analyses as a Macro and reproduce the same experiment using any other input.

You can create your own customised macros in three easy steps:

1. View history of file(s)
2. Select the analysis steps, click 'Save' and enter a macro name.
3. Edit program parameters, enter a description and select an appropriate topic for your macro

Share your macros with any nominated collaborators or colleagues. In a course environment you can share with your supervisor.

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